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In a fast-paced and highly competitive world, Micore Holdings was founded on the idea of guiding businesses out of the maze of financial burden and onerous processes, and into a clear space for growth and opportunity. We are a company that believes in more than economic success, but rather growing the entrepreneurial spirit in Africa by helping businesses see potential. By leveraging our existing network of businesses and databases, we provide strategic guidance to fast track business growth and brand awareness.

Micore Holdings is made of a highly skilled team that is able to adapt and change to new trends, helping businesses address real and prevalent needs. From small tips and tricks of the trade to essential building blocks of success, our mentoring programs provide resources for one man bands right through to big corporates.

There are five subsidiaries that fall under Micore Holdings: MotionIcon Global, increasing brand awareness through escalator step branding throughout the world. MicoreEngage, creating databases of targeted audiences, that essentially help build business growth and awareness. MicoreMobile, built to repair cell phones and support insurance companies by offering logistics solution investment. MicoreCellular, the manufacturing of cellphone accessories. MicoreRetail, the chain of iWorld retail stores around South Africa.