• Micore Holdings | helping Entrepreneurial spirit in South Africa.
  • Swipe Marketing
  • Lalela ART IS POWER
  • TruLife train, raise & unleash this generation
  • BlueSky Drupal Software Website Solutions, South Africa
  • tawk2me is a messaging solution that unifies people through the power of voice.
  • Cell C Animated Still Branded Escalator Steps
  • iWorld Store iPhone iPad Repairs
  • LiveLife Collage

About Us

Micore Holdings is an organisation developed to help support and grow Entrepreneurial spirit in South Africa.

Economic inclusion is at the core of what we at Micore Holdings do. 

It’s a genuine commitment that allows us to help realize a rich diversity of entrepreneurial talent and promise.

Startup culture is fast-paced and fiercely competitive. That's why we've tailored our mentoring programs to deliver crucial advice based on real-world experience in Entrepreneurial Business.